Chapter One

It's close to a certainty that authors put their greatest efforts into an opening sentence. 


Nice one, that's out of the way, I'll put the kettle on. Anyway, the suggested header for this blog is "News", so I'll do my best to stick to the brief.

What's been happening? A lot. There's an insane amount of work involved in setting up a new business. I've reached the point where I'm considering making a master list of all my different "to do" lists...and it's hard to escape the feeling that I'm doing a lot of things, none of them particularly well. 

Still, I've reached this point because I'm happy enough with the products to let them loose into the world. Everything I put up for sale here has gone through many different iterations, and I've spent more time walking around these objects and stroking my chin than an art critic with a week-old beard. There's a lot more to come, with projects in various states - from scribbles on the back of napkins to nearly ready for some closeup photography. Watch this space!

As for this blog...hopefully I can squeeze in a few interviews, some book reviews, the odd bit of salient information regarding the superior nature of my product range...and I solemnly promise that I won't bombard your inbox with nonsense if you sign up to the newsletter - link at bottom.

Feel free to leave gushing compliments in the comment box, that's what it's there for.



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