Things That Make Me Go Hmmm...Part One

Scandi-bollocks. I'm as guilty as anyone of using it (see above) but the whole aesthetic occasionally seems sinister - whitewashed walls, willowy blondes, scented bloody candles. It's pretty much how I imagine Magda Goebbels decorated the bunker in Berlin. Also, the current style bible is called Kinfolk, which let’s face it, sounds exactly like a magazine published by the KKK. I also feel that Scandi-bollocks massively underplays Denmark's true areas of expertise - intensive pig farming and Carlsberg Special Brew.

Social Media. David Koresh had "followers".

Festool Sanding Discs

New Tools. I used to love buying new tools. Nowadays I'm starting to resent it, as I'm usually replacing one that's gone up the spout. On the plus side, Festool will usually sell you a fancy accessories box to go with it. Mine's got sandpaper in. Check it out.

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