A Bit About Me

 Finn Koefoed-Nielsen

I was brought up in a wooden house in the middle of the New Forest, with a forester for a Father and a favourite stick. After studying at the London Institute I spent twenty years working as a decorator on many of England's finest interiors - from a tiny pub in Cumbria to the Palace of Westminster. Eventually my Danish heritage came to the fore (it otherwise manifests itself in eating red cabbage whilst wearing tasteful knitwear) and I now design and build furniture in my small workshop.

It's a genuine pleasure to work with such a varied and beautiful material, and hopefully my designs communicate my lifelong affinity with wood. All my products are made by hand - which means they possess a warm, tactile quality that mass-production never quite achieves.

My firm belief is that using natural, sustainable materials makes for a happier environment - from our homes to the world as a whole.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have any questions, please get in touch -

Finn Koefoed-Nielsen